New Book Undresses Darth Vader

Jessica Hoppe

Every wonder what Darth Vader’s got hidden underneath all that black gear? How about how he eats? Everyone’s favorite sci-fi villain is giving away a few secrets in the new book, Darth Vader: A 3-D Reconstruction Log.

The book is a must-read although it contains more to play with than to peruse. As NPR explains it, it’s actually a board book with a Vader-shaped cutout. Each page includes another part of his body/suit/armor/systems, so when the book is closed, you can see all of him together in the little plastic window.

What you can read about is key information including the 411 on his suit of armor. Did you know Darth’s gloves are made of fabric that contains”micronized iron? And just in case you have a light saber duel to get to rest assured that the”helmet will shield patient’s braincase effectively.”

Not sure I can trust Darth when he calls the wearer a “patient,” but it does sound like fun. I’m even considering giving myself over to “the dark side” for a sneak peek. What about you?

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