Yes, We Just Binged All Of ‘The Crown’ Season 3 & Figured Out Everything You Can Expect From Season 4

Olivia Colman in 'The Crown'
Photo: Netflix.

If you’re anything like us, chances are you’re just about done streaming the latest season of everyone’s favorite royal family drama. Lucky for you, we’re eager as ever to get to the juicier stuff (yes, even juicier than Princess Margaret’s wild relationship woes.) So below we’ve gathered all of Netflix’s The Crown season 4 details we could find. Historically, we’re right in line for things to really start amping up—we’ll see a hopefully less whiny Prince Charles marrying Lady Diana, the births of their sons—Princes Will and Harry—and much, much more.

Season 4 is already confirmed.

Except we don’t quite have a release date yet. But we can take comfort in the fact that Netflix renewed The Crown way back in January of 2018 for both Season 3 and Season 4, so that just means plans have been well underway for quite some time already. If this year’s timeline is any indication, we can expect next season to arrive at the end of 2020.

Filming for Season 4 is also well underway.

We bless the paparazzi only in moments like these: A couple of months ago, photographers caught sight of The Crown‘s latest film shoot featuring Prince Charles and—wait for it—Lady Diana Spencer. The young actress playing Lady Di, Emma Corrin, is the complete spitting image of her, and it looks like she and Josh O’Connor’s Prince Charles were reenacting one of their famous royal couple tours in Australia of 1983.

Margaret Thatcher will be making her appearance.

How could it be the ’70s in the United Kingdom without their “Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher entering the fore? The infamous Prime Minister is set to appear in Season 4 of The Crown, and as per the Netflix series’ Twitter account, we can expect to see Gillian Anderson of The X-Files and Sex Education to play the fiery politician. There’s no telling what drama there is yet to unfold between Colman’s Elizabeth and Anderson’s Thatcher.

Princess Margaret will experience a serious health problem.

It’s a well-known fact that Princess Margaret was quite the heavy smoker. Ever rebellious, she started smoking as young as 15 years old and didn’t stop despite the fact that her own father passed away due to lung cancer at 54 years old. As far as history dictates, Princess Margaret had to have an entire lung removed in 1985. If comments by Helena Bonham Carter—who plays Margaret in the series—are any indication, then we can expect to see this harrowing health scare featured soon.

We will see a major security breach of the Palace.

And it will directly impact the Queen herself. Back in 1982, a famous intruder by the name of Michael Fagan did the unthinkable: He scaled the walls of Buckingham Palace, passing atop barbed wire, and reportedly climbing a drain pipe all to get to Queen Elizabeth II. He snuck into the Queen’s bedroom, after all. According to the Daily Mail, the intruder will be portrayed by Tom Brooks on The Crown.