Spoiler Alert! Netflix’s New Site Will Ruin TV Shows and Movies For You

tv spoilers netflix site

For TV fanatics and movie buffs, the word “spoiler” is a dirty one, and for good reason: Most of us have—at some point—spent hours binge-watching serialized shows or buzzy flicks, so to have some knucklehead blab critical plot developments before we’re ready is kinda unforgivable. So unforgivable in fact, that we forget that there are people in this world who actually want spoilers.

“What you are about to see cannot be unseen” reads a warning before you enter Spoil Yourself, Netflix’s new website dedicated to showcasing randomly-generated spoilers for popular movies and TV shows.

The hook? You can’t choose what ending you want to see. For example, we kept clicking “see another spoiler” and were shown critical clips from a mixed-bag of shows and movies.

Some were relevant (Season 4 of “Breaking Bad,” Season 2 of “Orange is the New Black”) some, well, not so much (“Old Yeller,” “Desperate Housewives” Season 5,” but all were definitely spoilers.

The plus side? When a clip of something you’d rather not see surfaces, you have the option to quickly click out, just in case you didn’t really want to know that—spoiler alert!—it was the dad who killed the town beauty queen at the end of Season One.

Head over to Spoil Yourself now to play around, and let s know your thoughts!