What to Watch When You Netflix and Chill—Based on How Long You’ve Been Dating

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What to Watch When You Netflix and Chill—Based on How Long You’ve Been Dating
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Last month, Netflix made everyone’s go-to dating move an actual thing by launching Netflix and Chill festivals across the country. Nothing beats cuddling up with your bae in the privacy of your home, but starting a series marathon with someone you’re dating is a risk.

If you start a new show together and then break up, watching the rest of it by yourself is bittersweet. And if it’s super early in the relationship, chances are you’ll be too busy making out to even pay attention to what’s going on. With all of this in mind, we developed a Netflix guide to binging with your S.O., based on the length of your relationship.

Click through the gallery above for recommendations on exactly what to queue up.

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Budding romance (0 to 3 months): 30 Rock
Everything is new and fun in these early months, so the best bet is to go with a show that matches that. You also want a show that isn’t super confusing or fast-paced. That way, if you get a little, er, busy during part of an episode, you can still pick up where you left off without being totally lost.

30 Rock has so many fantastic one-liners that they’ll quickly become your own personal inside jokes—perfect for inserting into text convos later. 

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Budding romance (0 to 3 months): Scrubs
This show is something guys and girls both love, and it's completely noncontroversial. Plus, the episodes are short, so if you suddenly get the urge to kick your date out, you won’t have to wait long to do so.

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Budding romance (0 to 3 months): Freaks and Geeks
You'll both be bragging to your respective friends how cool it is that you're both into this cult classic.

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New relationship (4 to 11 months): Prison Break
At this point, you’ve let your partner in on some of your weirder interests, so you don’t have to play it as safe with your Netflix game. It’s still too early to rope him or her into sitting through seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, but there’s plenty you can get lost in together.

One option: Prison Break, which is about figuring out how to get out of impossible situations. If watching it together doesn't teach you a thing or two about how your new partner's brain works, nothing will.

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New relationship (4 to 11 months): Scandal
Between the murder, conspiracy, and romance, Scandal serves up drama in all sorts of ways. So even if the two of you like totally different plot lines, you'll both be quick to start the next episode as soon as the credits roll. And since it's a political drama, it's a seamless way to ease into a conversation about politics—something you might have held back on asking about in those early days of dating.

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New relationship (4 to 11 months): Arrested Development
Having the same sense of humor is a huge help in a relationship. The punchlines on Arrested Development are all over the map, so you'll have plenty of chances to see if you laugh at the same things.

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Fully committed (1 year in): Narcos
You know your relationship is legit when you reach the one-year mark. Chances are, you two act as one unit now—any party you’re going to, your S.O. is right there with you. Get lost in something new that you both want to see like Narcos, about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Then you’ll both be able to chime in on conversations about it with your—now shared—friends.

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Fully committed (1 year in): Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
If you and your S.O. have a relationship built on humor, keep the laughs going with this buzzy new series. It's almost as good as the movie.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Fully committed (1 year in): Orange Is the New Black
Three seasons later, and OITNB is still hot. (And we don't just mean the sex scenes.) The best part about watching this show with someone special is debating who the best supporting character is. Crazy Eyes? Big Boo? You'll both have a blast quoting all their best lines later. Bonus: Every time your S.O. hears someone talking about the show (so, pretty often), he or she will think of you.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Getting serious (a couple years in): Breaking Bad
Keep things interesting by queuing up something a little twisted. A show with a character confronting internal battles, like on Breaking Bad, will add some excitement to your relationship and spice up your convos.
Plus, the plot twists and turns will have you so worked up at the end of each episode, you won't want to sleep (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

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Getting serious (a couple years in): Dexter
There's something intriguing about a show that actually makes you empathize with a serial killer. This one also has plenty of steamy scenes to get you both in the mood.

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Basically married (together 3 years or more): The Great Food Truck Race Collection
At this point, your partner knows you well enough to pick out the shows to watch for you. And if you want to watch 10 back-to-back episodes of Cupcake Wars, you can do that without fear of being judged.

Sometimes at the end of a long day, you just want to put on something mindless and curl up with someone you love. The Great Food Truck Race Collection is enjoyable without having much intensity.

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Basically married (together 3 years or more): Pretty Little Liars
Hey, you want to relive the series now that it's finally over? Do it. See if your S.O. can guess who A is faster than you.

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Basically married (together 3 years or more): Private Practice
Another perk of being in a long-term relationship: Neither of you is going anywhere, so you have plenty of time to rewatch something epic like Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, or another show with 10+ seasons. 

Although this Grey's spin-off series doesn't have nearly as many seasons as its never-ending progenitor, it's still a fine choice when it comes to keeping the relationship drama on the screen and out of the bedroom. This show has so much of it, you don't need any of your own.

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