You Can Now Watch Netflix Offline While You Travel

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One of the only downsides of the life-improver that is Netflix is the fact that you can only really use it if you have WiFi to live stream shows and movies. That’s excellent for houses, apartments, and gyms, but leaves you high and dry (or paying pricey fees) on many planes, trains, long car rides, and other random situations that might strongly benefit from some on-screen entertainment.

But this morning, Netflix announced that’s changing: Now, users can download shows and movies and watch them later, at their leisure, sans internet, by clicking the download button on the details page of a program. The only caveat: It doesn’t work on laptops—only tablets and phones (for iOS and Android users).

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Still, pretty exciting stuff, especially during the travel-packed holiday season. (OK, so Netflix missed Thanksgiving, but there’s still plenty of other occasions coming up that might demand you sit in a car or plane for hours!) In case you were wondering, there’s tons of holiday movies on Netflix right now, including the all-time classic, “Love, Actually.” Score!

Now, if only Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Video would follow Netflix’s lead…

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