Found: A T-Shirt That Perfectly Sums Up Our Feelings About Netflix

Meghan Blalock

netflix marathon

What: A white tee with the phrase. “I do marathons (on Netflix)” emblazoned across the chest.

Why: Because all we aim to do this weekend is stay inside and watch Netflixwe have to catch up on the remaining episodes of “House of Cards” season two we haven’t watched yet!

And because we’re tired of feeling guilty about wanting to do so by all our overly-active friends who are busy training for marathons,  going to spinning class, and otherwise filling their time with way too much physical exercise. Pish-posh.

How: We wouldn’t disagree with the assertion that this T-shirt is a perfect lounge-around-the-house garment, but we kind of love the idea of dressing it up a bit. It would be fun with a pair of black leather skinnies, a glamorous fur coat, and a chunky statement necklace. Throw on a pair of high-heeled booties, and you’ve got a great going-out look that’s as unexpected as it is chic.

Netflix Marathon T-shirt, $25; at Skreened