Twitter Is Obsessed With Netflix’s New Rom-Com ‘Falling Inn Love’ & So Are We

Kim Wong-Shing
Falling Inn Love
Photo: Netflix.

In case Netflix hasn’t been blasting you with previews of its latest rom-com Falling Inn Love, you should know that it’s incredibly cheesy and ridiculous in all the ways that a rom-com should be, and these hilarious tweet reactions to Netflix’s Falling Inn Love are the best proof. This movie is probably not going to win any awards, unless there’s an Oscar for “most lovingly hate-watched rom-com on Twitter.”

Without any spoilers, here’s a quick summary of what Falling Inn Love is about. Brace yourself, because it contains pretty much every cheesy rom-com trope in the book. It centers on Gabriela Diaz, a career-oriented girl who works at a design firm in San Francisco. She loses her job, dumps her crappy boyfriend, wins an inn in an online contest (because that’s totally a thing), and moves to New Zealand. That’s where she meets her new love interest, a rugged contractor named Jake, who gets on her nerves but is also hot. There’s ~chemistry~ and a bunch of other outlandish stuff happens along the way.

Now, there are immediately some appealing aspects to this movie. There’s the title, with the double N in “inn” (LOL). Then there’s the fact that Christina Milian plays Gabriela, which, yes, love her.

So, can you blame everyone for immediately clicking “Play” before the preview was even finished loading? The movie totally lives up to expectations, as long as your expectations are “so awful that it’s good” and “makes your heart grow three sizes against your will.”

People on Twitter seriously couldn’t stop talking about this movie, and their reactions are almost as entertaining as Falling Inn Love itself.

We are so happy this movie exists and we will definitely be camped out on Twitter when the next cheesy-looking movie comes out on Netflix (ahem, Tall Girl).