Netflix Is Making Things Feel Super ‘Eerie’ With Their Terrifying New Horror Flick

Photo: Netflix.

This movie is on Netflix, but it will make you the opposite of chill. Trust us—you will not want to “chill.” Twitter is already full of comments and reactions to Netflix’s scary horror flick, Eerie. Without even watching it, you can see how terrifying the film must be. So as we make it through August, with a teasing hint of fall in the air, it might just be the time to curl up with your girlfriends or significant other and have the time scare of your life. According to genre fans on Twitter, Eerie has every right combination of plot twists, jumps, scares, and suspense that make for a great thriller.

The film was produced in the Philippines and originally premiered at Singapore International Film Festival back in December of 2018. In July, the film was released on Netflix for most countries. We’re guessing electricity bills and nightlight purchases skyrocketed as people reviewed the film saying, “screamed 3 times in 20 minutes” and “forced to sleep with the lights on.”

Eerie is set at an all-girls Catholic School called St. Lucia Academy. After Erika, a student at the academy dies unexpectedly, many people begin to report that they are being haunted by their former classmate’s ghost. Naturally, the guidance counselor (Bea Alonzo) begins to investigate these reports, hoping to learn the truth of exactly what is going on. Of course, Patricia, the guidance counselor, stumbles upon a character who could be the real-life monster haunting the halls of St. Lucia Academy—Mother Alice (Charo Santos-Concio). But where does the truth lie? Well…you’ll just have to head over to Netflix and find out!

Take a look at some of these reactions in the meantime. Priceless.

You’re very welcome for your newly-minted weekend plans.