Lazy Girls, Rejoice: A Netflix-and-Chill Dating App Is in the Works

netfling app

Spending a first date with these two? Sounds perfect! (Photo: Netflix)

“Netflix and chill” is our generation’s equivalent of dinner and a movie—and now there’s an app in the works that’ll make binge-watching Breaking Bad with a potential love interest even easier. Yes, ladies, a bunch of developers have done God’s work and created Netfling, an online dating concept that’ll match singles based on their Netflix preferences.

The app says its (very worthy) goal is to “find your perfect couch companion” because you don’t want to spend your precious time with someone whose TV and movie taste is not compatible with yours. It works by gathering information from your Netflix account on the shows and movies you like to watch and whipping up a list of potential mates with similar tastes, prompting you to arrange a movie marathon with the best suitor.

It’s all in good fun—some of the world’s strongest couples probably have very different ideas about what constitutes good entertainment—but if you’re having trouble meeting someone willing to watch every episode of House of Cards in a single weekend, we suggest following the app’s progress on Facebook.