Nerd Alert: A Look Back At Hacker Fashion


With today’s release of The Social Network, there’s one thing that’s been on my mind: Gap sweatshirts. Mark Zuckerberg’s choice of clothing might be anti-fashion, but I predict, just as nerdy glasses have come to rule the cool set, that all that is lame will someday be fashionable. Taking a look back at old movies about the Internet like Pirates of Silicon Valley you know those guys were big nerds, but now they look identical to stylish guys in New York. I’ve pulled up some of my favorite computer-themed movies to give their sartorial choices the once over.

The Social Network

Adidas shower sandals, hoodies, preppy and fratty college style. It all looks so understated you’d never know what lies beneath.

War Games

Ally Sheedy rocks a coral vest and short sleeve collar shirt combo, complete with hoodie tied around her waist in ’80s casual brilliance.


Angelina Jolie as a youngin’ but still with all her sex appeal, and intense clothes. Think futuristic aqua blue turtleneck and white latex body suit, topped off with a Vulcan haircut.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Corduroy blazers and nerd glasses this looks like Brooklyn. Will the “Brooklyn” in 20 years be wearing Gap hoodies and Adidas sandals?


Color black jackets and computer chip patterns galore in this crazy graphic-heavy, futuristic action flick.

The Net

Sandra Bullock goes tomboy sweet with her denim jacket and boyfriend shirt. Cutest computer nerd ever.


The mumblecore flick stars a cast in the definition of slacker boy fashion, accented by cheap lingerie of the girls that come into their lives, on or off various forms of screens.


Hacker thriller of the early aughts, complete with a suited John Travolta rocking a finely groomed sole patch.

The Matrix

Nerdy fashion fights back with long black trench coats and tough motorcycle jackets for kicking ass.