Neiman Marcus Pays Homage To Louboutin With Street Art

Laurel Pinson

This year the Christian Louboutin brand is turning 20! Can you believe it? Two decades filled with red-bottomed soles and power struts by the fashionistas wearing them. Well, instead of just treating yourself to a new pair and writing it off as a birthday present (trust me, it’s totally justifiable) — Neiman Marcus took it one, okay quite a few steps, further.

Blocking the sun over Sunset Blvd. in California is one giant red sole. Neiman’s in collaboration with street artist Galo Make Canote, has created one piece of stunning art for the Beverly Hills set. We’re just in awe over it, and would love one in NYC (ahem!). FYI: Neiman’s will also be welcoming Mr. Louboutin on February 3rd, so make sure you check the event details on their Facebook page.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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