This Bra Is the Next Best Thing to Going Braless

Cady Lang
Negative Underwear

Image: Courtesy of Negative

I’m not sure about you, but one of the highlights of my day is when I get home and can finally take off my bra. It’s not a sizing issue (as many bra saleswomen have tried to tell me as they measure me for the umpteenth time), as much as it is just a relief to let the girls hang out, free from underwires and straps.

To be honest, I’d love to go braless all day long, but as a D cup, I find it’s not always the most comfortable or practical option.

The alternatives to the traditional underwire, however, can be sadly lacking in both style and support. Sports bras give a uni-boob, flattening effect, while bralettes, though comfy, offer the kind of support I needed when I was prepubescent and wearing a training bra. I’d resigned myself to choosing between comfort and support, until I found Negative Underwear.


Image: Courtesy of Negative

Negative makes streamlined, sophisticated lingerie that’s incredibly comfortable and screams “cool girl.” No garish colors, scratchy lace, padding, or heavy elastic bands are found on its bras and underwear. Instead, the brand uses neutral colors and designs that look just as sexy peeking out of your shirt as they do when you’re stripped down to your skivvies.

The real boon, however, is that Negative recently released wireless bras ($55) that offer tons of support sans underwire. That’s right, these bralettes actually offer the support of a bra, which is fantastic news for those of us who need more than just an elastic band and some lace to keep us in place.

The secret is their “sieve” power mesh that feels like wearing nothing, but provides unexpected support while baring just the right amount of skin—fashionable and functional!

Along with the bralettes, Negative also released matching high-waisted briefs ($45), which give a retro vibe that I am totally into. And at $100 for the bralette-brief set, it’s pretty much a steal to be able to feel like I’m wearing nothing at all. I’ll definitely be adding these to my wardrobe, stat.