12 NSFW Holiday Gifts More Fun Than Another Sweater

First off, let’s get this much straight: So-called “naughty” gifts don’t necessarily have to go exclusively to romantic partners. It’s 2015, after all—nothing’s stopping you from taking care of most of your holiday shopping at your local sex shop (though we’d suggest drawing the line when it comes to people such as, say, your boss).

The thing is, finding boudoir-related luxuries that aren’t obvious takes a certain amount of imagination, like a killer designer scarf that also doubles as bondage or a gorgeous lacquered jewelry box that also happens to be the perfect depository for your personal toys.

So whether you want something fun for your best friend, a hot treat for your lover, or just to wrap yourself in some white-hot lingerie and make yourself the present, something on this list will fit the bill. These 12 treats are sure to satisfy the naughtiest, nicest, and kinkiest of those deserving of holiday gifts, whether you’re giving or receiving.

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