It’s National Caviar Day! 8 Ways To Eat Caviar According To Chef David Burke

Leah Bourne

truffled eggs w caviar edit
July 18, today for those not keeping track, is National Caviar Day (yes this is a real holiday, yes it might be better than Christmas). Celebrating National Caviar Day obviously means eating a lot of caviar. Wanting some inspiration on how to do just that we asked Chef David Burke (pictured below), whose restaurants include David Burke Kitchen at The James Hotel and Fishtail, both in New York City for his favorite ways to enjoy the delicacy. Happy celebrating!


How To Eat Caviar According To Chef David Burke:
1. Serve caviar on endive leaves.
2. Watermelon cubes with caviar.
3. Mix caviar with whipped cream.
4. Eat with a spoon (it’s more fun that way)!
5. Hot dogs and onions with caviar on top.
6. Scramble eggs with caviar—good for breakfast!
7. Caviar goes great with grilled seafood.
8. With toasted bread (the classic take)!
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