It’s National Cat Day! Celebrate With The 15 Best Internet Moments Ever

Meghan Blalock

Today is National Cat DayAside from our entire office totally spazzing over car service Über’s collaboration with the original cat meme blog Cheezburger to offer 15-minute kitten cuddle sessions personally delivered to your door, we were also pretty interested to know that the day was officially founded in 2005 to raise awareness of all our feline friends who are currently unadopted and without homes.

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For anyone who’s been on the Internet, like, ever, it’s common knowledge that cats pretty much run things. From hilarious videos of cats doing ridiculous things like DJing at a baseball stadium, to a seemingly endless stream of laugh-out-loud GIFs, it’s clear our online appetite for all things cats is bottomless.

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Below, find our 15 favorite Internet cat moments ever, featuring bona fide kitty stars (some actually have agents) such as Lil Bub, Maru, Grumpy Cat, and many more!

1. Cat vs. printing paper.

2. Cat vs. printing paper in reverse (start at 30 seconds in).

3. A mega-compilation of Maru and Hana playing.

4. This GIF of a cat teaching a kitten how to drink water.

kitten drinking water

5. BooBoo the kitty cat chirping at passing birds.

6. This kitty flying at the camera.

flying kitty

7. The original Grumpy Cat video.

8. Cat meeting snow.

9. This GIF of a cat literally begging to be pet.

pet me Its National Cat Day! Celebrate With The 15 Best Internet Moments Ever

10. This video of all the weird sounds Lil Bub makes.

11. This ridiculous video of a cat DJing at a baseball stadium.

12. Winston absolutely devouring mashed potatoes.

13. Grumpy Cat, still totally over it.

grumpy cat

14. Maru trying to fit into tiny boxes.

15. Shark Cat riding the Roomba.

Homepage Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Renstrom for Time