Pop Singer Natalia Kills Dishes on the One Thing She’d Never Wear

Spencer Cain

With a hot new album called Trouble released this past week, Natalia Kills is one of our favorite rising pop stars—and with good reason. Not only is the British 27-year-old honest and thought-provoking in her music, she’s incredibly stylish and her commitment to her personal taste is remarkable.

There was no question that she would be one of our 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers this year—but we couldn’t leave it at just that. Read on to see Kills dish on everything from Ugg boots to her turbulent childhood, and watch the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at our shoot with her!

StyleCaster: How do you define ‘New York style’?
Natalia Kills: I live on the Upper East Side by Central Park… I see a lot of old ladies with huge diamond rings, fur coats and a full face of make-up, and it’s so beautiful and aspirational to see how much pride they take in looking and feeling glamorous. I’m usually quite overdressed so it’s nice to think people can really dress up here without needing an occasion for it.

What’s one of your favorite New York spots?
Bergdorf Goodman—it reminds me of Harrods in London.

What’s a style risk you’ve taken—that you’ve ended up regretting?
I used to dress like the TLC girls when I was into hip-hop… I definitely took the baggy jeans look too seriously!

What’s your style philosophy?
More is more.

Whose style have you always looked up to?
I love Dionne from “Clueless” and Ginger from “Casino”… so girly, bitchy and playful!

Tell us about how your style differs on and offstage.
There’s not much difference really!

What’s one thing you would NEVER wear?
Ugg boots… I don’t care how comfortable they are, they ruin every outfit!

Tell us about the new album Trouble—what can we expect? What are you most excited for people to see?
I decided to write a whole album about the worst and wildest moments of my life! When I was really young my parents were crazy rich and had houses and boats all over the world. By the time I was 12 the cops had taken everything, my father was in jail and we were broke. I moved out when I was almost 15 and spent my whole teenage years with no money, or good examples, getting in fights with my boyfriend, joining a cult and getting in trouble with the police… so my album Trouble really describes all of the mess… and the fun times too!

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