Narciso’s Encore


I know that the beauty news is usually covered by our devoted beauty writer, Laney Crowell, but I got so excited by the news that Narciso Rodriguez is set to launch a new fragrance in January, I just had to write about it. Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Her is one of my all-time favorite perfumes. I first discovered it on an old colleague from ELLE, Alia Ahmed-Yahia, when we were out to dinner at another all-time favorite (restaurant, that is), Fatty Crab. “You smell amazing!” I exclaimed as a subtle, musky scent wafted across our small wooden table.

“It’s Narciso,” she replied matter-of-factly, “He makes the best fragrance.” I’m a firm believer that perfume smells different on every individual, no matter what. And so, it was with half a heart that I went skipping along to Sephora the next day to test it out for myself. I spritzed, walked out, and took a walk around the block. I lifted my wrist and pressed it to my nose. I inhaled. I grinned. And then I went back and bought two bottles–one for myself and one for my mother. It did smell slightly different on me, but no less heavenly. It smells like warm, sun-bleached wood, clean skin, honeysuckle, and amber with a hint of vanilla. Every single man I’ve ever dated has commented profusely on it. 

And so, when I heard that Rodriguez is releasing another concoction come January, I immediately started fantasizing about what his encore fragrance would smell like…..rose? Sandalwood? Fig? Who knows. But you can bet I’ll be in stores the second it’s on shelves. And I suggest you do the same.