Naomi Watts Looks Eerily Like Princess Di in First Movie Poster For ‘Diana’

Valeria Nekhim

Princess Diana Movie Poster

From the infamous half-smile, to the mysterious glint in her eye, and of course her impeccable fashion sense, all it takes is one look at the newly released poster for the upcoming biopic ‘Diana’, to see Naomi Watts has captured the physical essence of the People’s Princess. The Oliver Hirschbiegel-directed film will be out in September, and if we’re to judge a book by its beautiful cover (and the very short trailer we saw last month), Naomi Watts is poised to impress.

Like virtually everyone else, we’re fascinated by the simultaneously tragic and glamorous life Diana led, and given the film’s promise to recount the details of the final two years of the Princess of Wales’ life, with a focus on her quest for personal happiness and her humanitarian endeavours, our interest is most certainly piqued. We’re especially intrigued by the narrative surrounding Diana’s status as the world’s most famous woman for a period of time, and the role that fame played in the 1997 paparazzi-fueled car accident that ended her life far too soon.

Cast alongside the Oscar nominated Watts, is British actor Naveen Andrews from  ABC’s beloved drama “Lost” and award-winning film “The English Patient.” Watts is a world-class actor, who we think can capture Princess Di’s strength and vulnerability. Do you think Watts will be a good Diana?

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