See Naomi Watts As Princess Di In First Trailer For ‘Diana’

Meghan Blalock

The entertainment world has been buzzing for months about Naomi Watts’ starring role as Princess Di in the upcoming biopic “Diana,” and now the first official trailer is out! The one-minute teaser gives viewers their first glimpse of Watts in action as the people’s princess, and we gotta say: We’re definitely intrigued.

The Oliver Hirschbiegel-directed film, which is set to release in the U.S. later this year, promises to tell the “untold story” of Princess Di, including how she personally dealt with the fact that she was, for a time, the world’s most famous woman. And that same fame, of course, is what led to her untimely death in a paparazzi-fueled car accident in 1997.

So naturally, the teaser trailer is filled with footage of Naomi/Diana filmed from behind, as she heads into throngs of frenzied photographers, flashing lights, and screaming fans. And we’ll be honest here: no one comes close to replicating the beauty and effortless style of Princess Diana, not even Watts. But this clip leads us to believe she’s a good choice, and the film looks like it’s worth checking out.

Do you think Watts will be good as Diana?

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