Naomi Campbell Won’t Receive Criminal Charges


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You know those allegations against Naomi Campbell for her violent behavior? No, not the time she threw a cell phone at her assistant. No, not the other time that she kicked, cursed, and spit at police officers after losing her luggage at Heathrow Airport. We actually have a new incident to add to the list– we know, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

On Tuesday, March 2, Campbell’s driver filed a harassment report claiming that while he was carting the fashion icon around Manhattan, she punched him, causing his head to slam into the steering wheel. The driver then pulled over in the vicinity of 58th Street and 2nd Avenue to report Campbell’s behavior to a traffic officer who then notified police.

The Scene of the Crime:
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Turns out we have some good news for the volatile supermodel: The driver has dropped the charges. Campbell will remain handcuff-free due to an absence of witnesses and because there was no arrest, as the catwalker fled the scene before cops could arrive. However, the driver still has the option to file a civil suit in the future.

Tisk-tisk Naomi– we know you’re fabulous, but that doesn’t give you the right to hit, kick, or throw things at innocent bystanders in the midst of your violent outbursts. May we recommend a stress ball and some herbal tea to calm your nerves? Despite your history of aggressive behavior, we have faith that you can get it together– though we’ll probably steer clear of you just in case.

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