Naomi Campbell May Be Subpoenaed By War Crimes Prosecutors For Alleged Blood Diamond Gift

Kerry Pieri

Naomi Campbell at the funeral of Alexander McQueen. Photo:

It’s becoming clear why Naomi Campbell clocked that producer when he brought up a certain blood diamond she received from Charles Taylor, the infamous ex-president of Liberia. As the saying goes, “Doth protest too much.” At least that’s what war crimes prosecutors who want to subpoena the supermodel are banking on, according to Yahoo News.

“Ms Campbell’s testimony is necessary as there is evidence that Ms Campbell was given rough diamonds by the accused (Taylor) in September 1997,” the news site reported via a prosecution application filed with the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

The former face of YSL isn’t the only famous name that the prosecutors are after Mia Farrow was also called in for questioning along with Campbell’s then-agent Carole White although the actress and agent are more willing to speak than their model counterpart. Both were in attendance at a dinner held by ex-South African pres and peacemaker Nelson Mandela’s home the night that the transaction allegedly went down.

According to prosecutor Brenda Hollis, the diamond was among those Taylor had obtained from Sierra Leone rebels and took to South Africa “to sell… or exchange them from weapons.” Yikes! We love the military fashion trend, but let’s not take things too literally here.

Worse for Naomi, Farrow may have given the most damning testimony. “She [Campbell] told us… she had been awakened in the night by a knocking at her door,” the Rosemary’s Baby actress recounted. “She opened the door to find two or three men I do not recall how many who presented her with a large diamond which they said was from Charles Taylor.”

Campbell is reportedly staying mum out of alleged personal safety concerns. But with Taylor accused of fueling a war, buying rebels’ allegiance with blood diamonds, as well as facing charges of rape, murder and conscripting child soldiers maybe it’s time for Naomi to talk. This isn’t just another one of her cell phone-tossing hissy fits.

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