The Trailer For ‘Nancy Drew’ Is Giving Us ‘Riverdale’ Vibes & We Love It

Nancy Drew
Photo: The CW.

We’re digging up some clues of our own with this new trailer. The Nancy Drew trailer offers a few Riverdale easter eggs we simply cannot ignore. Longtime fans of the sleuthing, teen detective will find a lot of similarity between the new series and one of their favorite CW shows.

The latest iteration of Nancy Drew is slated for a post-Riverdale slot this fall and will premiere on Wednesday, October 9. Jughead, Archie and the gang will have a new character added to the Riverdale world, but this Nancy Drew won’t be like the mysteries people grew up reading. This time, Nancy Drew will have a much darker tone, the likes of the aforementioned CW series and Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the sister drama to the Riverdale series that operates within the same universe. Nancy Drew, however, will have a firmer link to the CW series, unlike the bewitching Netflix drama.

One key element of the new series has been changed from the original, as the creative team thought Nancy Drew’s original town, River Heights, was too close to the town of Riverdale. According to TV Guide, the team behind the new series has changed the high school graduate’s town name to Horseshoe Harbor.

But that’s not the only change to the young detective’s story. In this iteration, Nancy is taking a year off from college working at the town’s diner, The Claw. When a prominent member of the town is found dead in the diner, Nancy and the other kids, including book series staples like Bess (Maddison Jaizani) and George (Leah Lewis), begin to investigate the situation. Even Nancy’s love interest gets a bit of an update, as Tunji Kasim plays ex-con Nick, the TV counterpart of Nancy’s longtime boyfriend, Ned.

There’s also a hint of the supernatural, as the Horseshoe Harbor is supposedly haunted by a ghost named Lucy Sable – who may be linked to the death of the socialite. Fans should expect a complete adaptation of the original stories, but a contemporary twist on the classic, mystery series. “The truth is, we all have secrets,” says Nancy in voiceover. “Everyone’s a suspect.”

Nancy Drew premieres on the CW October 9 after Riverdale.