We Have Thoughts About Who Killed Dead Lucy On ‘Nancy Drew’

Aramide Tinubu
Nancy Drew
Photo: The CW.

If you haven’t been watching The CW’s newest show–then you really need to reevaluate your life. This Nancy Drew Dead Lucy killer theory has us scrambling to try to fit all of these pieces to mega-mystery together. Spoilers ahead if you aren’t caught up.

So if you didn’t know there are two massive mysteries that Nancy and her crew are trying to piece together on the new series. The first is–who killed socialite Tiffany Hudson. (She was killed in the pilot episode._ However, the question that has loomed over the heads of everyone in the Horseshoe Bay, Maine community is who killed Dead Lucy?

In both the pilot and Episode 2, Nancy Drew (Kennedy McCann) unpacks the tale of Dead Lucy. Lucy Sable vanished in 2000 and is now “Horseshoe Bay’s most infamous Sea Queen.” Legend suggests that Lucy died near a rocky seaside cliff, shortly after being crowned the town’s Sea Queen. The whispers are that Dead Lucy still haunts Horseshoe Bay.

Nancy seems particularly connected to Lucy–a woman she never knew. It looks like someone close to her (like her later mother or father, Carson (Scott Wolf)) might be complicit in Lucy’s death. McCann spoke to Entertainment Weekly,

The ghosts on this show are very real — and scary! Nancy’s a skeptic, but as these supernatural things crop up, it’s piercing holes in her perception of the world. I mean, she hangs her hat on logic and having tangible reasoning behind everything. That’s always how she views the world, how she conducts her investigations.

After being continually haunted by Dead Lucy and finding the murdered Sea Queen’s bloody dress hidden away in her home–Nancy confronts her dad. Carson explains that the bloody dress was from a prank he played on her mother. He also says the tunk that Nancy found the dress in was something her grandmother buried in the backyard.

Smells like a LIE to us.

Later–Nancy spotted her dad burning the dress. It looks like Carson is the #1 suspect in Dead Lucy’s death.