The Most Naked Celebrity Snapchat Photos of All Time

The Most Naked Celebrity Snapchat Photos of All Time
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After years of experience with Instagram and Twitter, we know stars love to get naked for social media — so why would you think celebrity Snapchats would be any different? Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and even Calvin Harris seem perfectly comfortable stripping down for their devoted followings and sharing practically naked Snapchats — whether it’s in lingerie, underwear, or without a shirt.

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Some are even making headlines with their seriously NSFW photos — we refer you to Usher’s dick pic — while others have been going relatively unnoticed (what a waste) in the 24-hour Snapchat story window. Thank God for screenshots, right?

In the slideshow ahead, we’ve compiled a list of the most naked celebrity Snapchat photos of all time. There’s Kourtney’s almost bare ass, Demi Lovato dancing in a thong, models in bikinis, Usher’s famous shower selfie, and more. Keep scrolling — and remember, you were warned.

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Oh, hey there, Kylie Jenner's boobs!

Photo: Snapchat user kylizzlemynizzl

Demi Lovato danced around in a black thong leotard in early July 2016 before hitting the stage at Barclays Center in Brooklyn for her Future Now Tour.

Photo: Snapchat user demilovato

Usher’s Snapchat followers got a surprise earlier this year—and by surprise, we mean a scarcely concealed dick pic. Yes, the “U Got It Bad” singer has done what countless female social media stars did before him: He took off his clothes and took a selfie. Like, all of his clothes, and then proceeded to partially cover his junk with an emoji. Usher Raymond IV, what in the world were you thinking?

Photo: Snapchat user howusnap

Kourtney Kardashian shared this almost-naked Snapchat of herself working out in the Bahamas.

Photo: Snapchat user kourtneykardash

And again from the back.

Photo: Snapchat user kourtneykardash

Sure, they're not naked, but it's damn suggestive! In 2015 Kylie Jenner posted this sexy Snapchat of her hands down her sister Kendall Jenner’s pants. She's a sharer, so she obviously posted it for the world to see.

Photo: Snapchat user kylizzlemynizzl

Calvin Harris recently spent an entire day documenting his workout on Snapchat. “Leg day brings out the best in a man,” the Scottish musician says in one clip. “Too many people neglect leg day.” This particular shirtless moment was probably the highlight from his story that day, though.

Photo: Snapchat user calvinharris

Yes, that's Rihanna's butt relaxing in a pool in Barbados earlier this year.

Photo: Twitter user rihsnapchat

What, doesn't everyone post sexy Snapchat photos in their bra?

Photo: Snapchat user kylizzlemynizzl

Demi Lovato has been pretty outspoken about her struggle with eating disorders and stripped down to her swimwear for a body-positive photo in April 2016. She added a caption: "My body isn't perfect, I'm not my fittest but this is me!! And I <3 it!"

Photo: Snapchat user demilovato

Demi, in her bikini again.

Photo: Snapchat user demilovato

Kourtney Kardashian–and her swimwear—on vacation in the Bahamas during summer 2016.

Photo: Snapchat user kourtneykardash

Bethenny Frankel, 45, looking 10/10 in a bikini in 2015.

In early 2016 Kourtney Kardashian shared this almost-naked mirror selfie of herself.

Photo: Snapchat user kourtneykardash

In April, Amber Rose, 32, posted a series of sexy photos of her new boyfriend, basketball pro Terrence Ross, who posed shirtless.

Photo: Amber Rose

After filming herself jumping up and down to jiggle her cleavage in a low-cut shirt (seriously) in October 2015, Rita Ora kept the NSFW video going by moving the camera to her fishnet stockings and miniskirt. Bizarre.

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