Find Out What Kind of Wine You Are According to Your Myers-Briggs Profile

Leah Bourne

wine myers Find Out What Kind of Wine You Are According to Your Myers Briggs Profile
Pretty much everyone has taken a Myers-Briggs personality exam at one point in their life—whether for a job, or for fun with friends. Here’s how it works: The test ultimately assigns you four letters which best to describes who you are, and how you interact with the world. It is broken down into four main categories that best describe the dimensions of your personality.
Extravert or Introvert: Do you prefer interacting with the outside world or tend to turn to your inward world?
Sensing or Intuition: Do you often take in information as you see it, or do you prefer to interpret it or translate it into something with meaning?
Thinking or Feeling: When it comes to making decisions, do you look at logic and rationale or do you prefer to take into account the others involved and the details of the situation?
Judging or Perceiving: When it comes to processing information with the outside world, do you typically go with your gut instinct or do you keep yourself open to other options?
Now, thanks to the very awesome team at Vinolovers there is a wine chart specific to your Myers-Briggs profile.
Key: E (Extraversion) or I (Introversion); S (Sensing) or N (INtuition); T (Thinking) or F (Feeling); J (Judging) or P (Perceiving)
ISTJ – California Chardonnay
ISFJ – Pinot Grigio
INFJ – Cabernet Franc
INTJ – Chianti
ISTP – Malbec
ISFP – Pinot Noir
INFP – Riesling
INTP – Grenache
ESTP – Sauvignon Blanc
ESFP – Sangria
ENFP – Champagne
ENTP – Shiraz/Syrah
ESTJ – Cabernet Sauvignon
ESFJ – Merlot
ENFJ – Rose
ENTJ – Nebbiolo
Head over to to take the test and see the meaning of the results.
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