My Idol: Meet The Newest Time-Wasting App Going Viral

my idol viral app

OMG, that’s me—well, kind of.

I’m moving apartments any minute, have a  written checklist of work deadlines, and haven’t done laundry in three weeks, yet I spent an hour last night transforming my normal self into an animated version of myself that sings, dances, and waves. Meet “My Idol,” a Chinese app that’s gone viral during the last 24 hours.

Unlike the cartoonish Bitmoji before it, My Idol allows you to snap a selfie, which it instantly “reads” to create an eerily realistic, blinking, moving avatar in your image. From there, you can customize your whole look—outfit (banana-printed skirt, red platforms, and ruffly top, FTW!), hair, glasses, facial details, the works.

Then, you choose a scenario in which to place your animated self. While stripper poles seems to be the scenario du jour on Instagram (big surprise), I held out for a ’90s-style Kim Gordon-esque, guitar-toting rocker.

Then I saved my work and promptly posted to Instagram, obv.

If it seems like this isn’t anything groundbreaking—there must be 100 apps that let you create dancing versions of yourself—I’ll have you know My Idol is entirely in Chinese. Yep, every pop-up message, instruction, caption, it’s all in another, very foreign language.

This explains why my rendering is highly rudimentary—I barely used a quarter of what the app has to offer, nor do I have long black hair—but it points to the depressing impressive fact that my brain knows its way around an iPhone app well enough to create something from start to finish with zero English involved.

Not rocket science, I get that, but until they release an English version—which they are, reportedly—this will have to do. But if any readers speak fluent Chinese and feel like helping me out, hurry up and email me so I can make my hair the right length and shade.

Head over to the App Store now to try My Idol for yourself now.