My Bloody Valentine Performs at Coachella


If anyone was wearing one of those shirts that read, “If its too loud, you’re too old!” during My Bloody Valentine‘s set at Coachella last night, ummm… You must be a baby fetus zygote. The recently reunited band basically rocked the audience’s face off to the point where Coachella event staff were handing out ear plugs to a crowd that was cowering with their hands over their ears.

My Bloody Valentine played numerous songs off of their album Loveless – the last album they recorded in 1991 before breaking up. Although the band barely moved during their set, their presence was definitely felt as their gritty sound punched the audience in their sternums. For thirteen minutes and thirty seconds, the crowd endured My Bloody Valentine’s, “You made Me Realize” where basically sound just rushes towards you.

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