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With a booming awareness of the benefits of being eco-friendly and a city-wide bag tax on the horizon, My Bag Cares couldn’t have come along at a better time.

My Bag Cares has ascended into the realms of environmentally friendly, reusable, “it” bags by way of a catchy slogan and a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. For every bag sold, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in a fire-devastated area in a United States National Forest.

“I was always conscious of the environment. While for some it’s not realistic to live a totally green existence, every little thing helps. I thought that not using paper or plastic bags would be an easy ‘first step’ we can call take,” said Jesse Itzler, founder of My Bag Cares. Itzler was astounded at the amount of plastic bags he saw around him, set out to create the ultimate eco-friendly bag.

The original My Bag Cares is 55% all natural linen and 45% untreated cotton, neither of these fibers dyed. The print is a soy ink, and the handles are an all natural hemp handle. The brand touts itself on never using synthetic or man-made materials. Additionally, My Bag Cares can hold up to four plastic bags of groceries and can also be rolled up to fit into any other bag to carry throughout the day.

“What is really important that differentiates this bag from other bags, is that our bags are made in an eco-friendly way in addition to just being eco-friendly,” said vice president of My Bag Cares, Fara Leff. She adds that the bags are produced in low-waste factories, focused on recycling. Oh, and they only cost $25.
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The bulk of the business consists of online orders placed through, according to Leff, but retailers throughout the country are scampering to place orders. In New York, My Bag Cares is sold at Blue & Cream on the Lower East Side and Poppy’s in Nolita. They are also available at all the Ritz Carlton’s in Florida, as well as Nora’s in the Hamptons and Tracey Ross in Los Angeles. A turning point for the line, occurred this past November when department store Nordstrom started carrying My Bag Cares nationwide.
My Bag Cares has expanded upon their wildly popular original canvas version with the release of three new styles in late 2008. The innovative aspect of these bags, all made in the United States, is that they are comprised of 100% recycled bottles. Aptly named “The 2012” and “The 4012”, the former is created from twenty 12-ounce bottles and the latter from forty 12-ounce bottles.
“It’s funny, we see suburban moms carrying them, high school kids, and models. We hit a sweet spot in the fashion world where eco has become cool with My Bag Cares,” said Itzler.
In addition to the numerous mentions and pictures that have appeared in both national and international magazines over the past year, the bags have also gained a celebrity following. Kelly Ripa, Mila Kunis, Emmy Rossum, and reigning pop princess Rihanna have all been photographed carrying their My Bag Cares.
“We want to expand the line to include other eco-friendly products. We are working on a ‘My Mug Cares’ with a famous coffee house now and are also developing a line of ‘caring’ household products that get the job done without toxins or any harmful effect to the environment,” said Itzler about future plans for the brand.

All 4 styles of My Bag Cares are available at

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