The Must-Have: Tie-Dye Neon Jean Shorts

Liz Doupnik

multicolored studed shorts1 The Must Have: Tie Dye Neon Jean Shorts

Bright and bold colors are at an all-time large this summer. We’ve noticed at least one staple fluorescent piece appearing in almost every outfit we’ve seen on the streets, whether it be bright statement jewelry, a neon bag or a bright button-up.

These high-cut shorts from Runwaydreamz take the trend to a whole new level with a psychedelic combination of bright hues. As if that weren’t enthralling enough, they also have additionally exciting features including frays, rips, holes and silver studs on the back. Perfect apparel for the festival season, these shorts can also suitable for everyday wear if paired with more neutral pieces like a basic white tee or black cami.

Vintage Technicolor studded black frayed shorts, $221, at Runwaydreamz

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