Want: J.Crew’s Classic Denim Vest

Clare Todhunter

screen shot 2012 08 03 at 3 07 57 pm Want: J.Crews Classic Denim Vest

The ’90s are back in a big way this season, and while it’s hard to consider a decade that seems so fresh in our minds to be “vintage,” certain key elements of the ’90s look are invading our favorite stores and our closets.

One such key piece is a classic, slightly rugged denim vest, and this chic number from J.Crew is one of the best iterations of the trend we’ve seen thus far.

This classic, Americana-inspired item is a great reminder that, even in a season where prints and color seems to rule, sometimes it’s best to keep things simple and sporty — not to mention the fact that denim goes with just about everything. For those who want to spice things up, consider adding some fun embellishments in the forms of pins, or pair the vest with some stacked necklaces.

Denim vest in workwear wash, $98, at J. Crew