The Must-Have: The Wide-Brimmed Summer Hat

Liz Doupnik

screen shot 2012 07 30 at 4 44 The Must Have: The Wide Brimmed Summer Hat

By now, we all know of the dangers caused by the sun’s rays. In this day and age, it’s become increasingly important to use sunscreen, keep the skin as clothed as possible and keep under the shade.

It all sounds like a lot of effort, but didn’t you put the same amount of effort into our hair and makeup in the morning? It’s certainly possible to be glamorous while being sun-safe — this gorgeous Juicy Couture sun hat, for example, holds the proof. Even some of the blogosphere’s style setters have been spotted wearing them!

Not only will this woven straw hat help protect your face, the cute bow makes it more of a ladylike accessory than anything else. Best of all: it’s currently on sale at Bloomingdales! Grab one while you still can.

Juicy Couture wide brim sun hat, $39, at Bloomingdales