Must-Have Obsession Of The Day: Anthropologie House Slippers

Jessica Rubin

As the weather gets colder and peals of summer laughter are replaced with a chorus of winter sniffles and coughs, sweatpants and slippers become the most revered items in our wardrobe. Trust us when we tell you there’s nothing better than shedding your trendy day look for your most comfortable clothing (you know, those items you would die before wearing in public).

Anthropologie, anticipating the growing importance of slippers, has solved the ugly-but-toasty dilemma. Behold the Snuggly Steps Slippers. They’re soft and warm, but also so cute we almost wish you could wear them out and about. The moccasin style comes complete with a faux-fur lining, and the smoking slipper shapes sport bright shades that are perfect for a chilly pick-me-up.

Yes, we’re already busy clicking and adding to our shopping carts, so get moving. Given the sudden temperature drop, we’re highly doubting these chic and comfy kicks will be around for very much longer.

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