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During the winter months, there are two things you don’t want: to venture outdoors and to host a large number of people in your modest apartment. The winter temperatures tend to be more ideal for intimate gatherings– namely entertaining a snuggle partner or a hibernation homie with a movie, some red wine, and a little ice cream.

In preparation, I recommend this: invite your sweetheart over, clean up your apartment, light some candles, and pull out/dust off some of those 80s Rom-Com movies. Above all else, put on this Winter Hangout Mix which starts with a little bounce and ends with a sweet make out jam…

1. “Why Can’t We Be Friends” by WAR (The Very Best of WAR)
Eric Burdon and his pals from the band WAR start off the mix with the simple question, “Why can’t we be friends?” In any given room, once we get the idea that a friendship is established, we’re well on our way to progress. Start this list dancing…

2. “Save it for Later” by English Beat (Beat This! The Best of the Beat)

The English Beat is one of the coolest sounding (and looking) bands ever. The second song on the mix bears a subconscious suggestion in the chorus…that’s all I’m going to say.

3. “Walk of Life” by Dire Straights (Brothers in Arms)
“He got the action/ He got the motion/ Oh yeah the boy can play…” Dire Straights singer Mark Knopfler had a penchant for wearing a headband and Western shirt combo while he got busy on stage. I like your groove, Mr. Knopfler.

4. “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals (The Raw and the Cooked)

This song was in the trailer for the movie Career Opportunities. If you haven’t seen that movie, please text your “movie watching partner” and tell them to find it. Watch it tonight. Thank me tomorrow. This song is OFFICIAL!

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5. “Abdul and Cleopatra” by Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers (The Beserkley Years: The Best of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers)
Jonathan Richman. Yes, he was in There’s Something About Mary, but seriously: look up The Modern Lovers. This guy is like the older brother to Julian Casablancas, Adam Green, Donald Cummings, and all my other favorite New York-based lyricists. The Modern Lovers’ songs are fun.

6. “Kiss Me on the Bus” by The Replacements (Tim)
Seymour Stein signed The Replacements. Do you know why? Because they’re an untouchable, genre-defining band. This is not important to some people, so I’ll just say that since it’s the middle of the mix, it’s time to suggest that you might be down for a kiss.

7. “There She Goes” by The La’s (The La’s)
Members of this band were in Cas, World Party, Oasis and more. But that has nothing to do with this 2 minutes and 42 seconds of awesomeness. This little number belongs on every sweetheart’s mixtape. This song is on the So I Married an Axe Murderer soundtrack. Good job to the individual who did the music direction for that movie.

8. “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” by Paul Simon (Graceland)
Ninety percent of the dudes in Williamsburg look like Paul Simon circa 1970; 110 percent of the girls in Williamsburg love this song. I have an odd feeling that there is some sort of connection here… I’m researching this and will get back to you promptly. Personally, I’m definitely guilty of “wearing aftershave to compensate for my ordinary shoes.”

9. “When You Walk In the Room” by Jackie DeShannon (What the World Needs Now…)
This song perfectly defines the sensation of having a crush in your heart, doesn’t it?

10. “Wild Horses” by the Sundays (Rolling Stones Cover) (Blind)
A) Harriet Wheeler, I love you. B) Mick Jagger wrote this song to make “getting lucky” an equal opportunity venture.

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