Music Monday: Christmas Island

Music Monday: Christmas Island
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When bands have very literal band names (e.g., Hockey, MGMT, and The Postal Service), it poses a few hurdles in researching the band as a few randos get tossed into the Google-mix. Alas, when the cheekily named trio Christmas Island submitted a playlist to StyleCaster, you would assume a background check would be easy peasy, simple pimple. Curiously enough, there is an actual Christmas Island island 1,600 miles northwest of Perth, Australia.

But I digress… While the real island piques interest, so does the band San Diego-based band Christmas Island. Frontman Brian Island, drummer Lucy Wehryl, and guitarist/keyboardist Craig Oliver shine out from the expansive lo-fi genre they’ve been lumped into; their songs incorporate more than basic chord progressions and more refined recordings than their DIY counterparts.

So understandably, when we tapped the band for it’s top 10 music picks, it was a mix of catchy and the unexpected. Check out the slideshow above for Christmas Island’s playlist!

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San Diego-based band Christmas Island

"Silver People" by Wounded Lion (Wounded Lion)
A tongue-in-cheek (or is it?) ode to Coors Light. What I love about Wounded Lion is that they sound both arty and earnest at the same time. Zero pretension. One of my favorite current bands.
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"Dunno" by So Cow (Meaningless Friendly)
Brian Kelly is a pop genius. Great hooks and great guitarwork.
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"Departmentstore Santas" by Kaliedoscope (At the Medieval Castle)
Just discovered this '80s DIY rarity. Apparently, dude who recorded it lived in or around San Diego. Homemade, strange and catchy.
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"Cowboy George" by The Fall (Our Future Your Clutter)
The Fall can do no wrong in my eyes. 30+ years strong, they're still experimenting with new things. Probably the only song in the world that mixes spaghetti western guitar with Daft Punk samples. All with Mark E. Smith ranting about George Bush or something on top.
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"Don't like People" by Country Teasers (Satan is Real Again)
I'm pretty embarrassed that I only recently discovered the Teasers. Ben Wallers is brilliant. Probably the smartest and funniest song out there on the topic of misanthropy.
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"Rainy Starless Night" by Index (The Black Album)
Depressive surf/psych/garage from the 60s. I love it! We've recently incorporated a cover version of this song into our live set.
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"Police" by X (Aspirations)
We recently had the pleasure of opening for the Australian X. I love the dubby bassline and pounding drums on this song. So tough.
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"Come on" by Los Saicos (Wild Teen Punk from Peru)
Everything about this song rules: the dirge-like pace, the unhinged vocals, the surf guitar accents. It is literally impossible to not feel cool while listening to this song.
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"Sleepwalker" by Nerve City (Sleepwalker)
It's hard to believe this is a new song – it sounds like some lost 60s obscurity. Dark and haunting with really cool lyrics.
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"Pet Hates" by Alec Bathgate (Gold Lame)
Alec Bathgate is the lesser-known half of the Tall Dwarfs. Gold Lame is an underrated, unknown classic. This song is a gem.
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