Muses Beware: Karl Lagerfeld Dismisses The Concept, Kind Of

Laurel Pinson

As a member of fashion’s nobility, KarlLagerfeld can never do enough or say enough about his thoughts on his life, fashion or anything else! Produced byNet-a-Porter along with the launch of Karl by KarlLagerfeld — the designer’s new lower priced line — the video gives us a double dose of what’s on his brilliant mind.

During the best eight minutes of our day, we learned a few very important Karl facts: for one, he hates the word muse. In the video, he denounces the word sayingit’s not a “nice” word. Hedoesn’t think it takes a whole lot of Chanel to be chic either: “There are peasants in poor rags that are chic – if you have to ask, you’ll never be chic.”

Second of all, Lagerfeldemphasizes that those who think all geniuses are calculatedbrainiacs are sorrily mistaken, and lets us know he’s a big time improviser (who would have thought?).

We just can’t wait to get our hands on this collection.OK, but first, we’re going to watch this awesome video one more time (and you should too).

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