MTV’s The City: Live Blog


Last week on The City we learned that “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself,” but this week marks the season finale and we will finally see what happens with Whitney, Roxy, Olivia, Erin, and more.

10:20 pm: There’s nothing like an over-sized hot chocolate and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to get you pumped for The City… scratch that, I’ll take an Equinox membership.

10:30 pm: Whitney’s dress and earrings are slightly wacked and I love it. Kelly sets up a sales meeting with Bergdorf for Whit.

10:33 pm: Whitney tells Roxy that Kelly doesn’t want her at the Bergdorf presentation. Rox goes in to confront Kels about it.. dun dun dun dun (that’s the sound of impending doom).

10:35 pm: Olivia is wearing a gorgeous BLUE floral dress. Her bun is slightly more messy than normal. Wow, this episode is exciting…

10:37 pm: Whit goes to her sales meeting with Roxy and Sam by her side. Kelly bails. Whitney freaks. Dun dun dun dun.

10:44 pm: Liv is clueless on the Good Morning America show and leaves Joe hanging without designer or price information on-air. Will Joe finally realize how much she sucks? Pretty please?!

10:46 pm: Whitney meets with all of the Bergdorf high runners. The comments floating around the room include: “Something about it is not balancing,” “that’s the craziest fabric,” “it tends to make her look large,” “there’s no black?!,” “it’s a little cheap to me,” and “it’s not high-end designer talent.” Poor, Whitney. She was absolutely roasted.

10:55 pm: Olivia is wearing a blue and white dress and less-than-perfectly coiffed hair, again! She meets with the team and Erin storms out saying IT’S HER OR ME. Dun dun… sorry, I can’t stop! I love you Joe, but it’s decision time.

10:58 pm: Whitney meets with Kelly wearing a stunning Rebecca Taylor blouse (Christmas is coming, mom!). Kelly tells Whitney that she needs to take a leap of faith and put her collection down the runway.

11:00 pm: And that’s all folks. Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York. I’m very disappointed that nothing was resolved with Olivia and Erin. All season. Now back to watching the Angels! Who won?! Until next season! x