‘MTV Cribs’ Is Back with a Vengeance—on Snapchat

Remember “MTV Cribs”? You know—celebs flung open their front doors to chat openly about their insane wine cellars, Lambos, chandeliers, and shoe collections, and sometimes took bubble baths on air, in the name of documentary journalism or something. If you’ve missed it, you’re in for a treat: In the ongoing parade of Snapchat hype, MTV is reprising its “Cribs” series—and the episodes will exclusively be available on the app, E! News reports.

First up on the new Snapchat series (does that phrase feel weird to anyone else? Don’t worry, soon it’ll roll off the tongue as this becomes more commonplace): Mac Miller, Austin Mahone, and Travis Mills. Also possibly gunning for a chance to show off her crib: Hailey Baldwin, who uploaded a spot-on parody of the show on Instagram two days ago. Either she’s psychic or she really, really can’t wait for the new show.

Famous “Cribs” episodes of yore, such as the one featuring Lil Wayne’s house in New Orleans, seem perfect for a Snapchat redux. The six-minute-and-46-second episode, originally broadcast in 2004, features Weezy wandering around his mansion, ruminating about his stuff and opening his fridge, a “Cribs” rite of passage. Can’t wait to see the contents of celebs’ pads from sea to shining sea—in 10-second clips. The first new “Cribs” airs (posts?) in June.