MTV The City: Last Night’s Recaps


Not much happened on The City last night… but, just in case you missed it here is a recap:

Roxy has her first day at People’s Revolution – Whitney gets there before Roxy (which we find weird since they’re roomies). Kelly Cutrone announces that there will be a denim shoot with one of their clients. Whitney is asked to bring clips for the extremely thin model to get a better fit on the jeans. She forgets, Roxy speaks out of turn (despite Whitney’s warning) to the client, and Kelly Cutrone isn’t impressed. Not that the idea was original or anything. A model going topless to showcase the jeans… Doesn’t that happen more than frequently in denim shoots? We’re pretty sure we can recall several companies who’ve overused this strategy already. After the freak out, Whit meets up with an old friend at BG (Bergdorf Goodman… duh) you might remember from last season to dish out complaints. Yes folks, Sammy Blair is back.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering about little miss Olivia and her Elle status after last week’s freak-out. Well, Erin (the co-worker blonde girl) seems displeased with all things Olivia and in a private meeting, unbeknown to the princess, it was said that Elle might just not be the place for her… Guess we’ll find out more next week!