Mr. Porter Jumps On The Tumblr Bandwagon

Liz Doupnik

Alright, it’s Friday and we’re a little wonky and too tired to hide the truth from you. We’re obviously obsessed with Karlie Kloss’s Tumblr. We all live vicariously through her life and can even imagine what it would be like to look like that.

But, we needed to take a moment from our daydream of having the perfect legs to bring us back to earth and also check out some serious inspiration via one of our favorite men’s shopping websites, Mr. Porter. The luxe online retailer tempts us with this insane collection of men’s designer pieces (and clothes we definitely would consider wearing) obviously they decided to continue on with this taunting and follow in Karlie’s footsteps and create their own Tumblr, which is pretty killer.

We love the front row photos and sick atmospheric photos as well. Oh, and there’s some good eye candy too, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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