This $20 Mug Warmer From Amazon Is The Best Thing I Bought All Year—& It’s Now 29% Off on Amazon

Summer Cartwright
This $20 Mug Warmer From Amazon Is The Best Thing I Bought All Year—& It’s Now 29% Off on Amazon

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I consider myself a coffee junkie—I have just about every accessory imaginable, and have tested basically every coffee maker out there. Throughout all of the trials and tribulations, there’s been one thing that has never disappointed me: a $13 mug warmer from Amazon

Yeah, the $700 espresso machines and designer coffee blends I’ve tried have impressed me thoroughly, but this mug warmer is the one thing I’ll recommend to anybody… even if they don’t like coffee. There are so many other hot drinks people enjoy, after all. 

Lucky for you (and me), Mr. Coffee’s mug warmer
is majorly discounted by a whopping 28 percent right now. Be sure to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership or free 30-day trial
to secure this incredible deal (and so many others).

It’s so simple but so crucial to my everyday coffee ritual. I’m a slow drinker who gets distracted easily. This used to mean that my cups of Joe would get cold and go un-sipped fairly often.  Which meant I’d have to then pour the leftovers (and, essentially, my money) down the drain after an hour or so. But, this mug warmer
keeps my drinks warm as long as I want. 

The warmer isn’t tricky to use: all you have to do is plug it in and flip it on. Once you do this, the plate will automatically warm up and stay that way as long as it’s needed. 

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Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer Amazon

No matter how long my mug sits, or how full it is, my drink is always kept hot. I don’t know how Mr. Coffee
did it, but the temperature it keeps my drink at is perfect every time. It’s hot but not scalding, and it stays that way. 

This is the one accessory I use every day and everywhere. I keep one on my desk at my office, at my boyfriend’s for when I’m there and, of course, at my place. The affordable gadget
is ideal for anybody who gets annoyed by lukewarm drinks—who actually likes them?? 

Whether you love a warm tea, cider or latte, you’ll definitely make use of this. It’s great for gifting and will undoubtedly get a ton of use from whomever it’s given. Heck, at the price, get one for yourself and anybody else you know. It’s a can’t-go-wrong device for anybody.

I could go on and on, but nobody has the time for a 3,000-word essay on a mug warmer
, so just take my word when I say you need this gadget.

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