The Movie That First Taught Us About Alaia Might Have a Sequel in the Works


Cher Horowitz might be making her way back to the big screen nearly 14 years after her Clueless debut by way of a sequel to the wildly popular movie. To most twentysomethings, this was one of the most memorable movies of the 90’s (my roommate still quotes it regularly), paving the way for movie and TV shows of the same genre. According to Star, Alicia Silverstone and Amy Heckerling, writer and director of the original Clueless, were spotted talking about working on a script for a sequel while shopping on Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana, California. If I asked all of my friends what their favorite movie was growing up, I would roughly estimate that nearly all of them would say it was Clueless. I wonder what the premise would be, though, because would it pick up where the first one left off, or would it chronicle Cher in her thirties (and hopefully married to high school sweetheart and funniest man alive Paul Rudd)? If not Paul Rudd, who do you think would make a good leading man and love interest for Cher Horowitz? Will Wallace Shawn (aka Cyrus Rose, Eleanor Waldorf’s husband and Blair’s stepdad on Gossip Girl) make a reprisal role as Mr. Hall? Will Brittany Murphy take a break from being erratic and crazy to return as Cher’s bff Tai (and more importantly, will Breckin Meyers still have his chin length hair and his skateboard)? Will Stacey Dash still be asked to appear in the movie, even though her cred as a Beverly Hills rich girl might have been tarnished in the wake of the nearly naked cover for King magazine she posed for last year? Will that queen Elton be back? These are all questions that really need answering.


I still vividly remember the first day of Mark Twain Junior High School in September of 1995 and a girl in my homeroom (whose name I cant reveal for obvious reasons, but yeah, we’re obviously facebook friends) wore a pleated mini skirt, white knee-high socks, and high-heeled mary janes. My outfit: Gap dark denim overalls, a white Gap tee, and Adidas shell-tops. Needless to say, I was horrified. To this day, I am still amazed at the influence that this movie had on mid-90’s fashion and pop culture. Among the trends/catchphrases that forever changed my life were feather pens, argyle, matchy-matchy outfits, “that’s way harsh tai”, “little vests over little white tees”, and “rollin’ with the homies” (thanks Elizabeth for the last three). Please let me know if you feel there’s anything that I left out.

Reminisce away, StyleCasters.