Move Over Paris & Kim: Charlize Theron’s ‘Sex Tape’ Is Amazing

Spencer Cain

Photos of Charlize Theron 690x517 Move Over Paris & Kim: Charlize Therons Sex Tape Is AmazingIt’s hard to have anything but love for Charlize Theron. She has proven herself to be an excellent actress (Monster, anyone? F*ck Glee, that movie made “Don’t Stop Believin'” a hit again), humanitarian, model, and just overall awesome gal. And thanks to the folks over at Funny or Die, we now know that she is really funny. Like, really insanely hilarious. Basically, she’s kind of a perfect specimen.

For April Fools’ Day, Charlize teamed up with the Funny or Die crew for a series of videos. My favorite is her “sex tape” which came from her “hacked phone.” Sadly, it’s fake because Charlize isn’t a drunk 22 year old tramp. However, it is absolutely amazing. It really peaked my interest and made me wonder if Charlize goes home to a boudoir crawling with strange men in bondage garb. Here’s hoping!

Anyway, take a peek at the video below and comment if you think we’ve found our next great comedienne.

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