Mother’s Day Mixtape: Our Ultimate Playlist For Mom

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, people everywhere are scrambling to find cards and gifts to give their mothers as the ultimate “thank you” for years of cooking their favorite meals and doing their laundry. It’s one of those special days of the year when you’re allowed to be completely cheesy, and you bet we’re taking full advantage. To cater to that urge in you to revert to childhood and lay your head in your mom’s lap this weekend, enjoy this playlist in honor of mom. Warning: may induce misty eyes.

1. Mama – The Spice Girls

The theme song for rebels who’ve grown up and realized Mom has been right all along. Plus, it’s by the Spice Girls, and anything by them is love. Watch the video, it’s trscute!

2. I Hope You Dance – LeAnn Womack

With wise lyrics and an epic chorus, this is probably the most overused sentimental song used at Sweet 16s, weddings, graduations… you name it. Of course, that only makes it the most appropriate song to play on Mother’s Day!

3. Dear Mama – 2pac

2Pac made the ultimate Mom appreciation song in “Dear Mama,” with honest lyrics sharing his life story and how Mama always pulled through.

4. The Best Day – Taylor Swift

True story: my little sister and I sang this for my Mom on Mother’s Day two years ago and she cried. Then she video taped us doing it again and showed it to her friends… and they cried. In short, Taylor Swift wrote this tune about growing up, and its heartfelt words are guaranteed to make people tear up.

5. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

Although this song has most recently been used as a profession of lesbian love on Glee, it’s actually a sweet song about change and growing upperfect to dedicate to your Mom.

6. A Song for Mama – Boyz II Men

The kings of romantic crooning lend their perfect harmonies to serenading Mom. With grown men professing how they’d be nothing without mom, this has “AWWWW” written all over it.

7. Oh Mother – Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera sings a big thank you to her mom by killing it with a ballad about her mom’s struggles in life, and how the two of them made it to the top together. Tears all around.

8. Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler

Alas, I end this playlist with the best message a mom could hear: “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?” It’sthe best ode and thank you to the undying support system that is Mom.

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