Breaking Down the 10 Most-Searched Fashion Brands of 2013, According to Google

'Mademoiselle C' : Cocktail Party At Pavillon Ledoyen In Paris

Kim Kardashian may have contributed to Givenchy’s popularity in 2013.
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Google Zeitgeist released its annual lists of topics we searched for most in 2013, and the results are seriously fun to read. They span from the most-searched celebrity pregnancies (Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton), to the most searched appetizers (tomato mozzerella, shrimp dishes.) It also details the most-searched fashion brands of 2013, and the results are interesting. Read on for the top 10, and some insight into why we think they may have ranked. And when you’re done, head over to Google Trends and see all the lists!

1. Versace
This could be the result of a few larger pop culture factors, such as Lifetime’s buzzy movie “House of Versace” which starred Gina Gershon as Dontatella Versace, and the fact that Lady Gaga was named the face of the Italian house in October, and appears in its ads. A related search, according to Google Trends, was “versace versace versace,” which happen to be the lyrics of a Drake song.

2. Michael Kors
This one’s pretty obvious: Kors has cornered the market on accesible American sportswear.

3. Diesel Black and Gold
This one threw us for a bit of a loop.

4. Gucci
We’re surmising this one’s due to the brand’s bag ubiquity.

5. Kate Spade
The same could be true for Kate Spade—The label’s bags are always popular. This also could be due to the brand launching its Saturday line this year, which is a younger, less expensive collection.

6. Rachel Zoe
This could be due to the semi-scandal that went on earlier this year about her son looking like a girl, and the pressing 2013 rumors that her line was trouble. Oh, and her Bravo reality show got canceled this year, too. 

7. Prabal Gurung
Prabal’s popularity definitely had to do with his collaboration for Target.

8. Givenchy
We’re going to bet the farm that this was a result of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who this year flaunted their friendship with the brand’s creative director Riccardo Tisci. We’re also wagering that search results peaked around May, when a very pregnant Kim showed up to the glamorous Met Gala wearing that covered-up floral Givenchy gown, which became a mainstream celebrity news headline in itself. Or, it could be due to her boob-baring gown she wore in September. It was also revealed last week that Erykah Badu was named the face of the line for Spring 2014.

9. Mulberry
This could be due to the British brand’s ‘It” bags, and its affiliation with cool Brits like Alexa Chung, who’s rarely spotted without a Mulberry bag. Also, the brand’s creative director Emma Hill departed the brand in June, after six years.

10. Luca Luca
This one, we’re confused about. The brand faced some financial problems in 2012, but hasn’t been in the news in 2013. Any ideas? Weight in!