The Most Ridiculous Men’s Fashion Actually Up For Sale

The Most Ridiculous Men’s Fashion Actually Up For Sale
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Sometimes we cant help but laugh at some of the outrageous looks that designers send down their runways. Its no big secret that the womens collections can go a bit overboard at times, but the mens runways can be just as crazy, if not crazier. While some of the looks are astonishing (to say the least), we usually just laugh it off because its just runway, right? Wrong!

More and more of these offbeat looks seem to be permeating mainstream. While this may not seem like a big deal to some of you, we urge you to think again. Let us paint you a picture with access to these ridiculous items, the men in your life could actually be walking around in crop tops and mesh pants.

For your entertainment, weve rounded up some of the more ridiculous male fashions that we have come across on the web and filed it in the handy dandy slideshow above. Ladies, youve been forewarned. And for all you guys out there, please dont get any ideas.

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Some guys can get away with just about anything. A floral sweatsuit? We'd like to see you try... or not. PegLeg NYC for Opening Ceremony, $345 at

What happened to jogging in regular old sweats? There is no reason anyone (male or female) needs to exercise in see-through mesh pants. Well we guess they are breathable? KTZ, polka dot men's jogging trousers, £140 at

Fellas, we don’t care how great you think your abs are. Crop tops should be reserved strictly for women. Outrageous Geometries, oversized cropped t-shirt, $90 at

If you ask us, this looks like the apron that the killer from the Saw movies would wear.  Anything that looks like it belongs on an ax murderer should probably stay out of your wardrobe. Rick Owens, bermuda shorts with leather smock, $1,930 at

Yes, ponchos are one of spring’s biggest trends – for women! As if the idea of a male poncho weren’t bad enough, this one is actually made out of a netted mesh material. Oh, and did we mention it has a cowl neck? Oak Black Label, black net poncho, $178 at

We can’t imagine what purpose this collar could actually serve. We’re all for self-expression, but is this really the answer? As if it weren’t bad enough, the worst part has to be the $370 price tag. Cristian Dorigatti, rubber collar, $370 at

The big draw to these shoes is probably the barefoot technology, but no matter how comfortable they may be, that’s no excuse.  Considering the fact that (most) men never have to don a pair of 5-inch heels, we think you guys have it easy enough! And no, the sequin embellishment doesn’t help. Vibram Fivefinger, five finger show, $108 at

While we fully support men adding a little edge to their wardrobe, we're not sure leather socks are the way to do it. Not to mention the fact that no one should be paying $260 for socks – let alone socks with missing toes. Ann Demeulemeester, leather and jersey socks, £180 at

We're all for wearing the pants but honestly? These look like they're made for Halloween – which probably explains why the steeply discounted sale price. Daniel Palillo men's Danieltton trousers, marked down from $245 to $80 at

We love hats – they often make the outfit – but try as we may, we can't seem to think of a good excuse for this one. This is just taking the cut-out trend way too far. Rick Owens knitwear hat, $255.60 at

Hey we're the first ones to say we love the military trend for SS10 but guys, this is not the way to do it. But even if you're pining for this camo poncho, too bad boys, it's sold out! Um, and that red pom pom detail on the pocket? Not winning any style points there. Bernhard Willhelm Sniper Camo Cape Coat, $1,095 at

We suppose men's fashion designers run out of accessories to try out? Giuliano Fujiwara, Black Body Harness, $295 at

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