Here’s Why So Many Guys You Know Are Joining Pinterest

top trends for men on pinterest

Photo: Imaxtree

Pinterest might be mostly used by women—around 70% to 80% of the site’s users are female—but the platform isn’t all girly wedding inspiration boards, blogger outfits, recipes, and inspirational quotes. In fact, Pinterest announced at the end of last year that the gents are flocking to the site, big time: The site’s male audience is now growing more quickly than women, with men accounting for one third of all sign-ups.

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So, what are guys using the visually-enticing, pinboard-style platform for? Pinterest just released the most popular pins shared by men over the past month, and the results are so stereotypically “manly” we’re actually kind of surprised.

Camping products, hiking trail recommendations, DIY tutorials on how to build wooden furniture, and tips on how to look suave in a suit all topped the list.

These were the top three pins for men across the U.S. in the last month:

1. This menswear street style look.


2. How to make a DIY platform bed.

3. A survival backpack to take camping.

Here are another 12 pins that were also incredibly popular this month on Pinterest among men:

4. The best hiking trails around the world. 

5. How to tie a knot for boating, camping, and fishing.

6. Boots you can wear hiking or on a night out. 

7. How to make a wooden couch sleeve.

8. This wrist watch.

9. How to turn an Altoids mint tin into a survival kit. 

10. How to make a wall-mounted shelf that’s also a work of art. 


11. How to rig up any type of tarp shelter.

12. Industrial shelves you can make yourself.

While these popular pins certainly play to stereotypes of the classic American male, the way men are using Pinterest really isn’t that different to how women are: They too are finding DIY ideas, outfit tips, and travel inspiration on the website.

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