The Most Influential Women in Media


Forbes has released their list of the Most Influential Women in Media. Here’s how it falls:

1. Oprah
2. Diane Sawyer
3. Barbara Walters
4. Ellen DeGeneres
5. Tyra Banks

The categories for influence are as follows: audience, press mentions, earnings and social media outreach (followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook). In terms of how much money they made, the list is a slightly different.

1. Oprah- $275 million
2. Ellen DeGeneres- $35 million
3. Tyra Banks- $23 million

We know Oprah isn’t going anywhere on the top of that list and there’s nothing more impressive than the way she blows everyone out of the water with earnings, but I have to say- I’m excited to see some fresh names on that list.

Which woman in media influences you the most? I’m not sure any of these would be in my top five.

[Forbes via The Cut]