Mary Katrantzou’s Mink Sweatshirt Costs $26,000

Meghan Blalock

We’re huge fans of London designer Mary Katrantzou. Her outlandish prints and bold use of color thrill us season after season—and for her Fall 2014 collection, she stepped it up a notch with not only new versions of classically bold Katrantzou prints, but also fabrications that are nothing short of extremely luxurious.

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That collection is now available on runway shopping site Moda Operandi for pre-order, and we have to admit we’re absolutely shocked at some of the prices. This, above all: this mink fur sweatshirt with a large emblem embroidered on the chest, which is being offered up for an astounding $25,920. 

most expensive shirt

Photos: Moda Operandi

Don’t have that kind of cash all at once? Fret not! The deposit on the top is $12,960! For sweatshirt. Made of fur. And it costs as much as some people’s down payments on their homes, and definitely more than most people shell out for a car.

Hell, retail cost for a Smart Car starts at $12,490, which is less than the the deposit. That means you could have two Smart Cars for as much as this sweatshirt costs. Ah, fashion.

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And here’s the real kicker: this shirt isn’t even the most expensive item in Katrantzou’s collection. That would be this embellished chainmail dress, which is up for grabs at $45,600. The deposit: $22,800.

most expensive dress

Serious shoppers, you’re in luck: A beautiful embroidered crewneck top costs $4,080. The deposit is only $2,040 if you really want to go there.