“Most Eligible New York” is Bravo’s Latest Hot Mess

Spencer Cain

Get ready, people. The cast forMost Eligible New York, Bravo’s latest foray into the lives of a bunch of fame hungry creeps in random cities across America, has been announced. I’m literally about to vomit. And by vomit, I mean set my DVR to record every episode of what is bound to be one of the most trivial, appalling, and amazing things to hit television since…well, I guess since Bravo’s last culturally depleting masterpiece Most Eligible Dallas.

Here’s a rundown of some of the cast members you can look forward to becoming acquainted with. First, there’s Meredith Joy Ostrom, who has an incredibly extensive (read: self-written) Wikipedia page for someone who is literally not famous at all. Then, there’s this guy Andretti Andretti, who appeared on Fear Factor and has done Countess LuAnn’s hair (wow). Oh, he also loves feather hats. There’s also some dude namedRobert Sepulveda Jr., who is no stranger to a little nude modeling based on a quick Google Image search. Hey, we all have bills to pay, right?

Anyway, I can’t even bear to tell you about the rest. Pop over to Guest of a Guest if you feel like seeing a sampling of Facebook photos and more of the crew. But can I just say that as a native New Yorker nothing makes me happier than watching completely random individuals run around the city pretending they’re on the same level as Brooke Astor. Nice work, Andy Cohen, and keep the stimulating programming coming!

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