most annoying TV characters of all time

The 15 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time

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The 15 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time
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If you happened to watch “Homeland” as it aired last season, you might have noticed the explosion of viewers’ pure hatred for the character Dana Brody. From SNL’s unfavorable (but accurate) portrayal of the angsty teen, to people begging writers to kill the character off in pop culture forums, it was abundantly clear that people are just not that into Dana, played by 18-year-old actress Morgan Saylor. The actress even spoke out about audience’s reactions to The Daily Beast:

“Characters are not always supposed to be loved. You could look at most characters and see mixed reactions. I don’t know. I don’t take it personally. I think it’s kind of interesting to see people, like, spending so much time focusing on something like that.”

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Dana isn’t close to being the first character that audiences loathe. Last year, actress Anna Gunn took to The New York Times to defend her character Skyler White on “Breaking Bad,” commenting on the thousands of Facebook pages that have been set up for the sole purpose of bashing her character; and Ellis Boyd—a character on the now-defunct NBC Broadway drama “Smash”—was so grating, that he was removed from the show’s second season specifically due to fans’ hatred.

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While some might argue “It’s only a show,” any invested viewer can completely relate to the vitriol reserved for TVs most hated characters.

See our list of the 15 most annoying TV characters of all time and let us know if we left out your favorite character to hate.

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Dana Brody, "Homeland"
Watch out, Claire Danes: Actress Morgan Saylor is now in the running for ugliest facial expressions of all time. In the Showtime suspense series, Saylor plays the brooding teenage daughter of a Marine Corps sniper who has turned after being held captive, and is never not angry. Everything you need to know about her character can be summed up in this one SNL skit

Ellis Boyd, "Smash" 
From the very second this smirking character appeared on NBC's now-defunct Broadway drama "Smash," fans started to loathe him. The opportunistic, desperate, two-faced theater assistant (played by actor Jaime Cepero) wasn't only annoying, but his storylines—ear-pressed-against-door eavesdropping at every chance he got, surreptitious recording of conversations, being straight but sleeping with men to get ahead—did a very real disservice to the struggling show, to the point where fan backlash became so strong that entire message boards existed for plotting Ellis' demise, and even NBC’s own website called the pest “just plain awful.” Producers finally gave in and scrapped him from season 2, but that still couldn't save the show.

Skyler White, "Breaking Bad" 
Before going off the air, Skyler's character (the wife of teacher-turned-meth-cooker) was so hated, actress Anna Gunn wrote a piece defending her in The New York Times. "Could it be that they can’t stand a woman who won’t suffer silently or 'stand by her man'?" asks Gunn. No, we think it's because Skyler is kind of a nag. 

Pete Campbell, "Mad Men"
Pete—expertly played by Vincent Kartheiser—may very well be the biggest weasel on television. Not only is his nose constantly up in the air, but he's consistently undermining his boss Don, and more than willing to take down everyone around him to make himself look better. The highlight of the show just might have been in season five when Pete was punched in the nose by a Brit. 

Richie in "Family Matters"
Oh yeah, we went there. If you ever watched the family-friendly "Family Matters" in the 90s, then it wasn't Urkel who annoyed you as much as that kid Richie. His schtick was that he could dress up and dance like Michael Jackson, and he did it. Every. Single. Episode. We just feel bad for the actor Bryton James who had to play him. We can't imagine having to wear that hairstyle for so many years.

AJ and Meadow, "The Sopranos"
Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Siger both get awards for playing the most bratty, annoying characters on the HBO drama. Meadow is whiny and seriously needs to learn to parallel park, and AJ is a spoiled punk who needs some real discipline. We wish it was these two who had gotten thrown off the boat in season two instead of Big Pussy. 

Zoe Barnes, "House of Cards"
Sure, Barnes used sex to advance her jourmalism career, but the character is also pushy, entitled, ungrateful, and brazen to the point of disbelief. Basically, she's one big millennial cliché.

George 'Pornstache' Mendez, "Orange Is the New Black"
It's only been one season of the hit Netflix show, but the character of prison guard George is as loathsome as they come. Not only is he a pervert, but he's willing to take down the women he should be guarding to keep himself out of trouble. We actually feel bad for Pablo Schreiber, who plays him. In real life, he is quite the looker

Will Schuester, "Glee"
He started out pretty good—a guy caught in a terrible marriage who found meaning in leading a "Glee" club full of misfits—but over time, the teacher (Matthew Morrison) transformed into a not-so-pleasing combination of smarmy and too-earnest, and basically doesn't do much but utter cliché phrases and dance around with an always-furrowed brow. 

Joffrey, "Game of Thrones"
It's hard to even talk about Joffrey (played by Jack Gleeson), because he's such a sniveling twerp in the HBO fantasy series. As the son of a queen, he doesn't give a second thought to killing hundreds of innocent people to protect his pride (when a bystander threw a cowpie at him), but he has no problem killing his father's illegitimate children. 

Andrea Zuckerman, "Beverly Hills, 90210"
While everyone thought serial wannabe David Silver was the real pest during the very early years of "Beverly Hills, 90210," we're going to have to give it to Andrea. First let's start with the name. It wasn't just Andrea, it was "On-dray-uh." Then there were those round frame glasses that really bugged us, and the fact that the braniac was always on Brandon's case about something or another (yeah, we know it was because she loved him, but still.) She may have been playing a high schooler, but she acted like a mom. Thank goodnes Gabrielle Carteris was written out after five seasons. 

O'Brien, "Downton Abbey"
O'Brien, played by Siobhan Finneran, is a cruel, coniving and manipulative maid. Although she has her soft moments, she can't help but try to bring everyone around her down. 

Andie McPhee, "Dawson's Creek"
We get that every show needs its nerd, but Andie McPhee, played by Meredith Monroe, was a bit much on the CW teen drama. Her betrayal to fans everywhere was when she ended up in a mental hospital and still found a way to cheat on our beloved Pacey. We'll never forget, Andie. 

Lori and Andrea, "The Walking Dead"
Before her character was killed off, Lori was the most annoying character on AMC's zombie show. Not only did she cheat on her devoted husband Rick, but she was never much help to the people around her trying to survive in a zombie-ridden town. Now Andrea is the most hated character. When she's not constantly feeling sorry for herself, she's sleeping with the enemy and putting everyone's lives in danger. 

Debra, "Dexter"
Thank goodness the series finale of the Showtime drama just aired. We're not sure how much more of Debra, played by Jennifer Carpenter, we could take. What kind of cop isn't able to figure out that her own brother, who she sees every day, is a serial killer?!

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